06 September 2006

the new look

I guess the blog is a hit thus far. I was surprised to see comments! How exciting! So, you might notice I changed the template. I would like to take credit for the design, but they just give you choices. Maybe someday I will design our own...after many classes!!

Anyway, I am planning on making a list of some common Army acronyms so when we post something in Army language our civilian family & friends can make sense of it. (I thought that would be nice because the large majority of you are civilians!!)

Brad was in the field last night, he called this morning and was tired, but ok. I didn't hear a single "bump in the night." Which is pretty amazing for me! Brad's asthma wasn't bothering him. He started taking singulair over the weekend and hope that will do the trick for him. This afternoon I am going to Key Caller training so I can be a contact during deployment for the FRG. (Family Readiness Group). The FRG is mainly useful during deployments to keep the families informed of what is going on with their spouse. I would like to be as involved in it as possible. The key caller training will basically tell me not to get caught up in rumors, and how to verify what is happening. Apparently the Army is worse than a Baptist church when it comes to rumors! Who would've guessed??

Well, I am going to put dinner in the Crock Pot and get ourselves all cleaned up and ready for the day. (I know it's late, but don't forget the time change!)


  1. Hey guys, I'm glad you started a blog. It will be so much easier to keep up with you.

    The kids are so cute! Is it possible that he doesn't look like a Lutz? Can't quite tell.

    Here is the link to our family blog

  2. I meant to say is it possible that the baby doesn't look like a Lutz.

  3. This is very nice. Wilson, I love the pictures of you. I look forward to seeing more pictures of you. We miss you, Wilson! Love Grandpa Carl and Meme

  4. Hey you guys wanted to drop you a line and say I love you and I am praying for you. Hope all is well Love your brother and uncle Dan

  5. hey i miss all you guys. wilson i love you little man give your brother a kiss for me. love you borhter and uncle brett

  6. I finally got a chance to take a look at the Blog! Looks great, and I think it will be a good way to stay in touch! I like all the pics!
    Love to all of you!

    LOVE YOU..