30 November 2006

ideas to send to brad

I know not everyone that reads our blog is going to send "stuff" to Brad, we don't expect you to, I just thought this would be easier because the list will always be in the same place. If you have questions, please let me know!!

toiletries including any of the following:
Gillette Fusion razor blades
Old Spice Body & Hair wash in one
Blistex medicated lip cream
Zim's Crack Cream
Chapstick with SPF (no girly scents/colors please!!!)
Deodorant...any brand just make sure it is anti-perspirant & deodorant combo
Shaving gel...any brand but for sensitive skin

Remember that you will most likely be mailing things via priority mail, if it might be heavy then you should try to get everything to fit into a flat rate box for $8.10. Then it doesn't matter what it weighs (and the toiletries add up!)

I am sure Brad would appreciate letters and cards more than anything...its always encouraging to hear that people are praying for him and for us. Even when we are well-connected technologically, nothing beats good old fashion pen and paper!

When he gets settled, he may have some other ideas, if you are interested let me know, I won't continually be posting lists of things to send to my husband!

By the way, the razor blades are kind of pricey, but its pretty important in his job to be very clean shaven on a daily basis. He tried the cheapies for awhile, but they didn't work out so great..ouch!

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