30 November 2006

snow day in lawton

Here are a few pictures of the snow that closed Texoma down. (they call our region Texoma.) Schools are all closed for tomorrw too. I haven't heard about Fort Sill, but it was closed today. The bottom picture is what it looked like this morning, I thought that was going to be the extent of it. Fortunately for Wilson we got more snow because he has been wanting to play in it since 8 am.

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  1. Oh My Gosh! I bet Wilson was so excited as were many other kids in your area too who don't get to experience the beauty and fun of snow. Hopefully we will get our share late tonight and early tomorrow. We are hoping for a snow day but you know Flushing......Have fun. MOM

  2. We got the snow in Midland too with a lot of ice attached. Amanda send me an email with your addresses. When my computer died I lost all of my addresses.