28 November 2006

thanks for the prayers

I appreciate all of the love and prayers for our family this past week. As well as all of the prayers to come. Thankfully I have two wonderful boys to fill my days and keep me from sitting around feeling sorry for myself. I will tell you this, God is good, all the time. That keeps my perspective in the right place.
I know many of you wonder how I am doing, and I am OK. Brad said the same thing today when I spoke to him. There are moments and there will be many to come, but at least the 'farewell' is over. Now we have the reunion to look forward to.

Please continue to pray for us. I have a short list of requests. There are many military families that do not 'survive' deployment. I am not too proud to assume that we can endure this on our own...I firmly believe that Satan targets individuals that could knock down a lot of other people when they fall. Both Brad and I believe that God led us to this place, therefore, he has plans for us.

1. Pray for safety. (kind of obvious)
2. Pray for strength: physical, emotional and spiritual.
3. Pray for faithfulness; to God, and to one another.
4. Pray for patience...mostly for me with the boys.
5. Pray for opportunites to build relationships with the people we are with.

I am sure at times there may be more specific things, but these five will remain for the duration.

Also, I have Brad's address, I am not going to post it on the blog, but if you would like it, just drop me an email.


  1. just wanted to let everyone know that I am doing fine. Thanks for all the prayers. I don't have my computer up yet, so I have limited e-mail right now. Love, Brad

  2. I know that God will continue to carry all of you in his arms. Our prayers will continue to your specific requests. And it is really good to hear from you to Brad, you are always in my thoughts. Love to all!

  3. Those pictures were great of you guys! Brad, you're in my thoughts on a daily basis. You're always in my prayers and take care of yourself. Amanda and the boys, stay strong, God is watching over all of you! Call me whenever you want. Take care and miss you much!! Casey