28 December 2006

brad is coming home!

I have few details...actually, all I know is that Brad is being medevaced back to Fort Sill because of his asthma. He sent an email yesterday that said, "stop the mail, no more deployment packages, I will call when I can find a phone."
I haven't heard from him yet, I don't know where he is or anything. He had an appointment at Bagram Air Base (in Afghanistan about an hour and a half from where he was). So, when I know I will let you know. His email seemed "upbeat" there were a number of explanation points, which is the only indication I had as to his mood!!! (See, you would assume that is upbeat, right?)
What does that mean for us? We have no clue what is next... lots of questions ahead. Of course, first and foremost we are hoping that Brad will be able to get this asthma under control. It only got worse over there. He was using his albuteral inhaler multiple times a day and is also taking a couple oral medicines and an oral steriod. We continue to be thankful that God is leading us, and we are not making our own plans. God is good all the time!
Honestly, from the heart of a wife that wants to see her husband excel at his dream, this is a little tough to swallow. Don't get me wrong, I am thrilled that I will see my husband soon, but my prayer was NEVER that he would be too sick to do his job. Even in this, I know God is in control, He knew before Brad enlisted that 10 months later he would start having trouble breathing. We have walked long enough with our Father to know that His plans are better than our own.
I will keep you up to date, as for now, don't mail Brad any packages!

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