06 December 2006

he made it...

I talked with Brad this morning and he has arrived to his station in Afghanistan. Third time was a charm with the flight in. Brad said he understood why they wouldn't attempt to land with cloud cover because there are mountain peaks everywhere by the air base. From there, they had an hour and a half convoy. He said it was without incident and you could tell it was a third world country. (from what he could see after dark.)
They are "in-processing" for a couple of days. Which is basically making 100 copies of the 100's of papers that every soldier brought with him. Ok, I am exaggerating, but the paper trail in the Army is extensive!!
Brad said they are staying in tents right now, packed in like sardines and they don't know when they will move to the regular buildings. Also, they are suggesting Brad do some work other than "Medic", so pray that gets resolved quickly. I can't go into much detail on the blog because of something called Operational Security (OPSEC). Its always better to error on the side of caution.
Also, Brad had a pretty bad asthma attack last night, he said it was the first one that he has had without exercising first...It was cold on the convoy about 12 degrees, so maybe that had something to do with it. I was hoping he wouldn't have any symptoms over there and it would turn out to be an Oklahoma/Texas allergy-thing.
We appreciate your prayers, I am sure Brad will be posting something on the blog when he gets settled in (It is the Army, so it could still be awhile before that happens!)

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