31 December 2006

Mail for my buddies

I want to thank all of you for all the packages that you sent me. I have a couple of buddies that haven't received any mail. If you'd like to send them a package I am sure they'd appriciate it. You can use the same address that I had just change the name.

PFC Trieu
SPC Kokernack



  1. Son, I will get right on that on Tuesday and ship them out something, do you have any ideas, dvd's, etc. Let me know Mom

  2. Hey son just wanted you to know that quite a few people will be mailing out some things to your buddies. If you hear of anyone else who doesn't get anything on a regular basis give us his name too. love you, son, MOM

  3. Your buddies are going to have packages from all over the us coming to them. My aunt in Texas, a cousing from New Jersey, her friend from Seattle, West Side church here in Flint, and numerous others. How awesome This truly shows that people in America do care about the military and want to support them they just haven't had a clue as to how the can......Also Brennans class will be writing notes to them as well. If you have any other addresses or if we can send a general package to your platoon, or whatever you call it, let us know. Its been fun just seeing everyones response and watching people tear up when they hear the story. Thanks son you are an awesome friend to these guys. Keep us posted ok. Love you so much and glad you are now on American soil!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! MOM