28 December 2006

somewhere in germany

I spoke with Brad and he is somewhere in Germany. He has an appointment with another Doctor there (tomorrow?) He said the Doctor that he saw at Bagram was great. That doctor told him that adult-onset asthma can occur, but generally there is an under-lying cause. He said the asthma usually will not improve until the under-lying cause is treated, and that it could be something as simple as acid-reflux.
The doctor said that although it is 2006, people still die from asthma-related heart attacks. He then said,"Its one thing to tell a family that their loved one died from a roadside bomb or something, but I am not telling your kids that they don't have a dad because I wasn't proactive about treating his asthma." I told Brad that I love that doctor!
He is still unsure about his travel timeframe, but doesn't expect to be back before the end of next week. Also, no clues as to how this will be handled once he is stateside. We know its in His hands, and we continue to faithfully trust Him to lead us well.
Watch for updates!

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