16 February 2007

Extreme Home Makeover Comes to Lawton

Just found out yesterday that ABC's Extreme Home Makeover is in Lawton. They are redoing a home for a Sergeant First Class who was paralized in Iraq in 2004. Last summer, he and his family were traveling to visit friends and were in a serious car accident. As a result, the Sgt. suffered a stroke and further paralisis. One of their two daughters was injured and lost a kidney. And sadly, their nine year old son was paralized as a result of the accident as well. Obviously, this family has experienced some challenges in the last few years!

We are going to take the kids over there today, and try to get a glimpse of everything. They surprised the family yesterday, start demo tomorrow, and will reveal the house next Thursday.



  1. Amanda, check the latest post about extreme makeover. something doesn't make sense.......or did I miss something....


  2. straightened it out for you Georgie