01 February 2007

what's new

Brad has an appointment with a pulmonary specialist (I think that is the right name) on February 26. Until then, he will continue working out every morning and taking the same amount of medication as the average senior citizen with major health issues.

Wilson continues to enjoy his class, he went again today. He told me that he told his teacher that the snow here can't be packed, that is why he hasn't made a snowman. Also, while we were watching the Food Network, Wilson told me that Giada's hair looked beautiful. (She is an Italian cook, that must not eat the food she makes because she is a rail).

Walker has cut two teeth this week, one Sunday and one Monday. You can also see two more on their way. He also had two shots Monday. He has been his happy self, despite all of that though. Also, the Doctor was a little concerned that he had not gained weight at the same pace as his other appointments, so he suggested we feed Walker as much as he wants. Wow! That kid can put the food away!!!!

As for me, a lot of the same! We did start a Bible study at our house for a few ladies from our Sunday school class and myself. Its at our house so that Wilson can nap (we'll see if that ever happens) while we meet. It also guarantees that our house will be clean at least once a week!

I guess that is the news for now. Watch for some more pics soon. I want to put some of Wilson's pictures up that he has taken with his camera!

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  1. What kind of workout is brad doing? if it's strenuous and he is still breathing he must be okay. Willie it's snowing here today but it's Oklahoma kind of snow so I can't make a snowman either..... Lexie ate a leather wallet and kept Ya Ya up all night. I don't know where she finds those things but if you ever lose something leather, Lexie can find it. Everyone here says hello and we miss you all.