24 April 2007

by the way...

We have some good news...our old house rented about two weeks ago which means we will get some money back from our April rent and we won't have to pay anything for May!!! God is good! We knew we made the right choice to move on post and this is just one more confirmation.

Also, Brad went back to the doc on post this morning. He had a good appointment and the doc seemed to listen to his concerns and willing to keep exploring options. Brad had some blood drawn and will probably be sent to an allergist after the test results are back. Also, the doc switched Brad from zyrtec to claritin. Brad has been battling fatigue and we are hoping this may make a difference. If you google any medications you take, you will find some websites that rate them. Yikes, its a bit freaky what some people blame their medicines for! We are just hoping Brad won't be so tired.

I guess that is all for now. We appreciate your continued prayers for our family!

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  1. I am so glad your previous house was rented. I have been praying about that! Isn't it awesome how you receive special blessings when you decide to follow what God asks? His rewards are awesome! We are so glad Brad has someone listening to him, finally, and he will hopefully get the medical help he needs to feel better! We love you guys! Mom