21 May 2007

Flight Medic

Hey, just want to put this out to everyone. I just found out the Army is in need of Flight Medics. They are even letting medics out of my brigade to go to the school (which is a huge deal). So I am in the process of putting a flight medic packet together. I need to pass a flight physical, take a PT Test, and mail every thing off. Please pray that if this is what God want he will open the door. They have classes that are still empty for this year, and if I can get this all done I should be able to get a class date in the next two - three months.

I really want to be on a helicopter in the worst way. Since I was a little kid I've always wanted to fly; however, since I am color blind I can't be a pilot, and this would at least get me in the air.


  1. Hey son, thanks for sharing this. We pray for you and your family constantly and now we know how to pray more effectively. Mom and Dad

  2. Taking the steps to put you in the program is more than half the battle! I'm thinking of you everyday and praying that God will direct you! Thank you for being the great man you are!
    Love you