26 May 2007

Meet Muskoka on the Rocks

here is our new labradoodle puppy. We got her from Lake Country Labradoodles.

We'll post more pictures. These are just some snapshots from tonight.
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  1. She sure is good size for just a puppy. What do the boys think of her? Was Walker afraid of her? I love the picture of her laying on the floor facing the camera! She will be a good companion for the boys. Mom and Dad

  2. Love the name guys!!! I want to name our first dog Kioshkokwi lol! Kiosh for short of course = )

  3. Amanda--how awesome to catch up with someone I haven't seen or heard from in 6 years! I went back through your blogs. You have 2 beautiful boys. I remember when you said you'd never get married and have kids:) You still look about the same!