09 May 2007

tornado warning

So we got to try out the storm shelter last night. Wilson was thrilled, he said to me earlier in the evening, "I hope we have a tornado!" And, "I can't wait until we have a tornado." I am not sure where the excitement has come from because he has seen some pics of tornado damage on the news. Anyway, shortly after dinner, the sirens went off and Brad and I decided it was time to move some of the boxes of books out of our safe room. Once inside, Wilson did not care to go look out the window with Brad to see if a tornado was coming or not.

There were no touchdowns anywhere close to us, and the storm last night didn't seem nearly as bad as the one on Sunday night. We have severe weather in the forecast through Friday. And, it is a bit more frightening here in tornado alley compared to Michigan. Fortunately, Wilson is intrigued by it and Walker bounces with the lightening strikes!

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