12 June 2007

any advice?

I am thinking about buying some re-usable swim diapers for Walker. I bought some disposable diapers the other day, for $10 and Brad and I decided we would save those for outings rather than at home "swimming." However, when Walker was in the pool for 20 +/- minutes yesterday his diaper "over-inflated" and the filling--those gel-like capsules of absorbant stuff--came out all over. Which (with a baby that puts everything in his mouth and puppy that is equally interested) created quite a fiasco at our house.

I have a feeling we will be using our "pool" daily and I am not a fan of the "just let him pee and hope he doesn't poop" method. For one, Walker drinks the water, as does Muskoka, and it doesn't set a good precedent for Wilson who has had a friend "relieve" himself in our driveway and now wonders why he can't do the same (c'mon, the MPs will haul us away for sure!)

Anyway, does anyone have experience with these reusable swim diapers? They are sold out on a couple of the websites that I have looked at, so I am assuming that is a good sign.


  1. amanda, I think you can explain to Wilson to why he shouldn't pee outside. I think he is old enough to understand about sanitation. But for the rest of it, I think you have some fun on your hands.....Papau

  2. the ladies across the street love theirs!

  3. Amanda, I don't know if they even still sell these, but have you thought about rubber pants. You could put them over a diaper and I think it would hold the diaper all in the rubber pants. Or maybe even just let him wear rubber pants. Just a thought. Love Sandy