14 June 2007

for freedom...

Today is Flag Day and the Army's Birthday! The kids and I are decked out in a bit of red, white and blue and of course Brad is representing in his uniform (like he has a choice!) Anyway, if I knew how to "post" a song on our blog, I would post the song "For Freedom," by Avalon. I can't listen to this song without welling up, its beautiful. Here are the lyrics to the first stanza...

Somewhere a trumpet sounds in the night
A soldier is standing there
Its calling him out to the stars and stripes
Its calling him God knows where.
He kisses the ones he loves goodbye
And leaves in the dead of night
For freedom, he'll heed the call, leave all he knows
And for freedom he'll stand and fight.

You can find the song on iTunes. Brad bought the album while he was in Afghanstan and the first time I heard the song was the day he picked us up at the airport after he got back. Its worth a listen. Celebrate our freedom in this country, but don't forget the cost!


  1. make sure you post some pictures of the day today! We are anxious to see you all decked out! Thanks for the heads up about the Avalon CD will check it out for sure! I stil am a big fan of the American Soldier by Toby Keith too! Thanks for serving for us, Brad. We do so love you and are so very proud of you too! Mom and Dad

  2. I don't think a day goes by that I don't look at the flag and think of you guys and all of the people out there that believe in our country and our freedom enough to make it a life choice. You, all of you are my heros! God Bless and enjoy your day! YaYa