22 June 2007

more birthday pics...

wilson and Uncle David...Wil was thrilled to see him, a little shy, but not too bad...and walker recognized the voice, if not the face, he wasn't scared of David at all...plans for slip and slide tomorrow...its good to spend time with an uncle!

big brother enjoyed helping unwrap the gifts...he also told anyone that would listen that his birthday is in 3 weeks (well, he says "3 days" but we clarify it). wilson even helped by blowing out the candle for walker...he was excited to help out!

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    It looks like everyone had a good time. I'm glad Walker had a birthday guest, even though I am a little jealous that we couldn't make it. Love to All-Grandpa Carl and Meme

  2. What a great party! I love the blue frosting Amanda, and it looks like he really enjoyed digging into the cake! Love you guys wish we all could have been there....your house could hold all of us for sure!
    Love Mom YaYa

  3. Xadi greets you and Lawa D. too. I finally found your blog site through Natalie's blog which is only fair since you found hers through mine. Great to see you again if only in pictures. It looks like you really love being a mom.

  4. So cute and Walker sits like Wilson and his daddy too! thats adorable! Looks like he had a great 1st birthday. So sorry we missed it but we sure enjoyed it via blog-style! Thanks for keeping us updated on even the small stuff.