09 June 2007

summer fun

here is the favorite hang-out in the yard. Its the only place to find shade, aside from the patio!
Wilson, Walker and Muskoka enjoying the "pool." This is Walker's first birthday present from Grandma Rose. Fortunately he doesn't mind sharing...actually, he probably doesn't know that he is sharing! Oh well...
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  1. Ok I am trying to come up with something besides "those boys are so darn cute" again. I am going to have to think on this and when I come up with something good I will blog it! They could be the three musketeers in their little hiding spot!

  2. Looks to me like there is still room in that pool, since I don't have one in my yard I just might have to hop in the car a take a side trip down to cool off!
    Love you guys!