08 June 2007

unexpected benefit

One more reason to get a dog...early mornings outside. I didn't realize how much more time we would be spending outside when we got a puppy. But of course, housebreaking is a lot easier if you spend most of your time outdoors, right? The boys love getting outside early, even if they are still in their jammies. It also helps because we have decided to reduce our TV viewing and Wilson hardly notices that he only watches 2 shows a day now. (I know its still an hour a day, but I have to shower sometime!!) By the way, we decided to cut down on TV because we were debating sending Wilson to pre-K next year and I thought why keep him home to watch TV all day? That would be silly right? The first few days we had some withdrawal and I wondered how I would ever be able to get anything done. But we are getting in a routine now. We try not to turn the TV back on until 8 pm so we can enjoy some TV-free time with Daddy too. We (I [and Brad when he can]) watch the news until Brad leaves and then Wil watches two shows sometime throughout the day. Oh, I forgot another reason that prompted the shut-off...Wilson knows too many company slogans and jingles...its almost embarrassing!
Close-up and personal, she wanted to check out that "thing" in my face.
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  1. Ok so after looking through all the comments on your blog I realize I sound like a broken record with "the boys are so cute" but I can't help it, they are.....and we miss them terribly, and you and Brad too! That puppy is too cute too!