23 June 2007

Walker Eating Cake


  1. I showed Jack the video and he watched it intently, it made me wish I had a video camera to tape him watching Walker eat!!!!!

    We wish we could have been there, he looks so cute sitting at the table like a big boy. We miss you all very much...I'm glad for the video but it made me a little teary eyed. I just wish we could all be closer. Love ya, Rene

  2. Another great addition to the blog...he really is growing up so fast watching all of these babies grow is unbelievable! Love you all and really hope to see you again soon! Love YaYa

  3. I remember Wilson when he was eating his cake on his first birthday, he didn't even want to touch it just ate it ever so carefully. . . .and this little guy just digs in with all he has!