07 July 2007


Well we are all home now, and Walker is doing great. He is into everything, and acting like himself. The scariest part of the whole thing was loading him onto the helicopter and not being able to go with him on it. Amanda and I had to drive to Oklahoma City (OKC) and meet him at the University of Oklahoma's Children's Hospital. We arrived about 30 minutes after he did. Ft Sill is about an 1:15 from OKC. His tonsils have reduced in size and are no longer ocluding his airway. (Now that Brad has medical training he uses words that I don't understand...ocluding means blocking for anyone like me. ) He slept most of the night with Amanda and I last night, and was trying to eat Muskoka's food out of her bowl this morning. WE ARE HAPPY TO HAVE OUR WALKER BACK TO NORMAL!!!! Thanks for all the prayers and support.
being loaded onto the LifeFlight
Waiting at the FT SILL ER
Sleeping at the OU Children's Hospital.
Posted by Picasap.s. For those of you that don't know the whole story...Here is a short version...We took Walker to the ER last Sunday a.m. because he had a fever and was not breathing correctly. The doc put him on amoxicillan after seeing his tonsils. By Wednesday (the 4th of course), we knew he wasn't improving and seemed to be getting worse. Thursday morning Brad had to go to work for a 24 hour shift and I took both boys to the ER because the clinics were still closed for the holiday. The doc determined that there could be a possiblity of a deviated trachea. They wanted to get him some strong antibiotics, run blood work, do some x-rays, give him a steriod and do a CT scan of his neck... I called Brad and a friend came to get Wilson. They wanted to monitor Walker and nowhere here in town has a facility that could properly respond to a blocked airway in an infant that is why they decided to transfer him to OKC. (Silly us, we thought it would be by ambulance!) I heard the helicopter land but thought it was for someone else. When we got to the hospital they did more xrays and tried to decide about doing a CT scan or not. They decided that there was considerable improvement after the steriod treatment and decided not to do the CT scan because it would be fairly invasive. They did some bloodwork and a viral culture test. The docs think it is probably a virus but won't get the tests back for a week or so. We are diligently watching for a fever, rash or lethargy and will return to OKC if these symptoms come back. As Brad said, Walker is back to himself so we think the worst is over.
I didn't do that great at making a long story short, but there are a lot of details and assume most people would want them after seeing the pic of Walker in the helicopter! Again, thanks for the prayers...oh and Brad wouldn't tell you this, but his training really put me at ease. He was able to explain everything and even had to interevene at the ER at Fort Sill when a medic screwed up Walker's IV...but that's a story Brad would have to tell.


  1. WHEW! we are so glad he is doing much better and back at home. I don't know of anything that can compare to the stress (not even financial stress) to having a very sick child. Its even in those times that its so hard to trust God. I know that there have been time that I would much rather take the sickness upon myself than have my child deal with it. You know you have a huge support system and that at anytime you can call anyone, near or far and we are hear for you! PTL for great friends too that Wilson can be with and enjoy and not feel the stress of the situation. God takes care of even the smallest of details too! Now, you two need to get yourself some rest and enjoy your week's vacation and your family! We love you so much!

  2. Your right Amanda Walker did look like a little itty bitty baby again being loaded into the helicopter. BTW,our little one fell asleep right after I got off the phone with you. (: He fell asleep in his play pen, maybe I should move him to his crib. I don't want him to think the play pen is for sleeping and not playing. Just Kidding. Love you all and wish I was there to give Walker a great big hug, even if he didn't want it.


  3. Poor little guy. He looks so bad in that first picture. When they are little like that it's so hard toknow what they are feeling. Grad's medical training works again. Tell Brad that when his re-enlistment time comes around to barter for more trianing. That is the time when the Army is most vulnerable. Go Gettem Brad.....

  4. I finally got a chance to see the pics today...it really is hard to see him that way! Hope you guys are having a ball with Grandpa Carl and Meme! I'm sure the boys are having fun with the visitors! Take care and know we are here thinking about being there!
    Love Yaya!