01 August 2007

army culture infiltrates our life

The other day I was getting ready to mow the lawn but I had to put gas in the mower first. Wilson was watching and said, "One time when Daddy put gas in the mower he spilled it, and then he said a bad word."

I asked with much anticipation, "What did Daddy say?"

Wilson replied, " Darn...or maybe...Shoot."

So, you can gather from this story that although Brad is often witness to "colorful" language at work, he does a good job keeping it clean for the kids....just not in thier opinion I guess. I thought this was funny enough to share, hope it makes you smile!


  1. Its amazing what they pick up in their little brains when we aren't even looking or noticing. I can just see Brad saying that too! LOL Is Wilson still bothered by the word "stupid" still? That still makes us all smile and laugh! What a cutie! You need to write down these little quotes so you can remember them someday. I sure wish I had. Love you all!

  2. yeah, last night before Brad got home, I said to Wil,"Let's put all these toys away and set the table. Then, when Daddy comes home he'll say, 'wow! I love to come home, it's so clean and peaceful here.'" Wilson looked at me and said, "I don't think Daddy will say that." "Why not?" I asked. He says, "Daddy won't say all that stuff, he doesn't say that much." It was so hilarious!

  3. and just how old is Wilson? LOL what a cutie!