23 August 2007

before I get any more "hate email"...

Sorry the Yaya pics have been delayed, we have been busy working on projects, projects, projects...I will include pics of the projects after the final clean-up and order has returned to our home...

the $10 sofa sleeper we are slipcovering (with a very handsome model)

Its taking longer than we planned because Walker insists on helping with the sewing...he wants to be the next Ty Pennington (minus the DUI)...the fabric is chocolate brown, and yes that is chocolate on Walker's face...by the way, it was $1 a yard fabric!!!

even Muskoka is tired out (and sleeping on our fabric)


  1. don't ask me about the format for this post...I just want to get back to my projects, projects, projects.....

  2. I'm not sure if we got any pictures of Wilson helping with the sewing too, but he was up on the lap today and because he was a little tired, his commentary as we were busy was non-stop.....We really are having fun...but I have to run so we can finish the projects, projects, projects!