25 August 2007

cutie wrestle fest...

before we left for Dallas to pick Yaya up last week, I wanted to snap a few pics of our cuties...which quickly turned into wrestle mania as they were on the air mattress (future guests please note we will have a sofa sleeper for you)...

Wilson is pretty good about letting Walker "beat him up." Big brother also LOVES to wear matching outfits. Brad claims that he hated it as a child, but maybe he just says that now and he begged to match his brother(s) as often as Wilson wants to match Walker...
We are heading out to the Wildlife Refuge again today, hoping to have Yaya catch some good pics of the whole fam. Whether that works or not, I am sure we will have a fun day. Its always a good time to get out and enjoy the nature (especially now that we know where to find it!)


  1. I don't know...Wilson sewing, letting his younger brother beat him up, coordinating his clothes to match his brother's - that's almost as bad as me dressing up to play the tooth fairy for Yaël’s tooth!

  2. I can't believe how much "Big Willy" has grown! It's so cute how Wilson looks like Brad and Walker looks like Amanda. What a great family! I have a blog, too, so I think if you click on my name you can check it out and see pictures of our babies. I don't have any of the big kids on there yet, but they'll be some soon!

    I've enjoyed reading up on your adventures!!

    Julie Kirby