31 August 2007

drumroll please...

here is the finished sofa sleeper, with two handsome models (yes, that is the look of Walker coming down with something, hoping, hoping, hoping its not croup...or strangely-swollen-tonsil disease again either)
here's a reminder of the before picture
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  1. looks great! hope Walker is feeling better soon...

  2. Personally I think it looks great...how do you guys feel about it?
    I sure hope Walker doesn't have to suffer with anything for very long, but if he managed to escape Wilson's bugs it would have been a devine intervention! Wil and Walker are inseperable and the little virus bugs love that the boys are so close!

  3. you guys sure accomplished some projects from the looks of it! The sofa looks great! The "models" are cuties too, even if Walker isn't feeling well he is still adorable as is Wilson!