29 August 2007

feeling blessed...

Thanks Dad and Sandy for the pralines from Mackinac, yet another unexpected surprise in the mail. We truly appreciate all the efforts, big and small, to keep us connected from a distance. Whether it is a trip to visit us, or a crazy text message forward in the early morning, its good to have loving family around (even if not in proximity). Thank goodness for cell phones, and the internet which make it so easy to connect affordably! Can I get an Amen??
These two pics are of the German hutch and buffet that our friends Trent and Faith "gave" us. I felt a little guilty on the receiving end, so we made a deal that whoever leaves Fort Sill first gets dibs on them. They had been in their garage for nearly 3 years, so Faith was happy to find someone to love them, and I do. Brad...not so much, but he knows I like them. They are quite beautiful.
And here is the "EGG" that Brad's former section chief is letting Brad drive for the next 4-8 months. Shane is in training in San Antonio through December and then onto Georgia from there for another 4 months. We have already enjoyed having a second car around here. And Brad has been able to pick up another medic that recently moved in around the corner who has also been sharing a car with his wife.

It is hard at times to be far from family. Especially when Wilson asks if we can get money out of the bank to go to Michigan. A wedding rolls around and the sacrifice hits home even harder. Then seeing pics of the babies getting so big, and "missing out" on all of that. NONETHELESS, God reminds us that we are doing the right thing.

A day like yesterday rolls around and every blessing floods my mind repeatedly. Not all the stuff that is pictured, but all the family and friendships that are represented by the stuff. We are loved and blessed. God brought us here to love and bless others as well. Without filling three screens with all the info about yesterday, I'll try to give you a snapshot. (Ok, really it started months ago, and then again on Monday night through yesterday morning.) We were asked to help watch some children of a lady that was in the hospital. Her husband is in training here and they have been having marital "issues." Lots of he said, she said stuff. (That, in itself is a big reminder of how blessed we are.) Its a mess, all around a big, fat mess. Ok, I can't even begin to explain it all but that the day ended with exhaustion. The good kind, where you know you were doing good even though it was exhausting. I am proud of my husband and the integrity that he displays, not only toward our family, but in this situation as well. He called this guy up and told him to "man up" and take care of his boys. He saw him again later and said, "This isn't about what's going on between you and your wife, its about your children. They need their dad, especially now."

Oh my gosh, I love this man. You tell him, Brad. You fight the good fight, you tell that guy to take care of his family. And with exhaustion, I crawled into bed and thought, I am blessed and I am loved. Our family is in good health, we have a home that we love, friends that we can call for help. We are learning the difference between helping and enabling; learning where to draw the line so our family isn't neglected for the sake of "helping others." Its tricky, but exciting to know that God is using us and growing us. We are happy to be on our journey together, so happy to be able to share it with you all as well.

One more thing, as I was driving home from my friend's Arbonne party last night (with one eye looking twenty years younger than the other) there was the most beautiful harvest moon. I think that is what they call the big, fat, orange moon that is just over the horizon. I felt as if it was a little present hung there just for me by my Creator. Just a gift to say, "I love you, I appreciate your willingness to help today." I wanted to take a pic with my phone, but the person behind seemed in a rush and you know cell phone cameras aren't that great. So I had to store it in my brain.

I hope you take a few minutes today, to think about ALL of your many blessings. Its so easy to get caught up in what we are lacking or wanting, but truly, we are all so blessed. Sorry to ramble. Brad will kill me when he sees how long this is....


  1. Thanks for checking out my blog. I've enjoyed reading up on your family as well! I can't believe how big the boys are getting!!! Things here are pretty good right now, and it sounds as though you and Brad are doing good, too! We sure miss you guys.

  2. Hey kiddo,
    I know how hard yesterday was, and I'm really glad that the Lord sent you that little gift....it's funny how when you see a full moon you see that gift and when George and I look at the full moon we are thankful that we no longer work at NCR! It is really hard to be the one to "help" someone who is not honest about things, and I know that you are in that situation right now....fight the good fight and remember the two little lives that are watching how you and Brad do these things.
    Love you guys and miss you too!

  3. Amanda, you're so funny. I can't believe you put the candy box on the blog! I know you noticed the red polka dot heart on the box. I have to go sparingly with the paper, it appears we may be nearing the end of the roll. Sounds like everything is going well and we are both happy and excited for all of you. P.S. I'll take the hutch if you both leave Fort Sill at the same time. That way there would be no arguments. I think it's beautiful and the perfect size. Love Dad and Sandy

  4. Oh my gosh you have so many different thoughts to comment on here. . . . I know how awesome it is to get an unexpected "gift" in the mail! its always touching to know that others of thinking of you when you live away. . . . how special that Brad got a large "egg" for a gift too! no more jocking for the car. . . .love the furniture, you guys are blessed to have gotten such awesome friends.

  5. oh. . . and I am praying for the couple with the little ones. I have been reminded that when I have a fussy baby in the night and I am awake and rocking to pray, and that God will place people on our hearts to pray for. I am praying for your friends. . . can't imagine how tough this is on not only your family, but especially them and their little guys. God placed the both of you in their lives for a specific purpose, evne though its exhausting and challenging, he has gifted you both to touch their lives. . . . keep listening and responding to God! Awesome just awesome! we are excited to see and hear the growth you both have made and are making, in your lives together and with other families you come in contact with!

  6. Oohhh, love the furniture. Tim sees stuff like that and instantly thinks BONFIRE.

    Way to go Brad...Dr. Laura would be proud = )