21 August 2007

now that he's walking...

he is also climbing...ON EVERYTHING. The other night Brad discovered him on Wilson's stool in the bathroom trying to brush his teeth (which he loves doing.) Thankfully he hasn't fallen and perhaps he'll start a lifelong habit of good oral health!

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  1. We Miss our nephews. Casey and I would Love to come visit soon! I dont know when that will be but pray it will be soon....


  2. hey we look forward to having Uncle David and AUNT Casey out for a visit too...you know we have a sofa sleeper now...I was trying to tempt Casey with that a few weeks ago, like that is such an enticing offer...Enjoy your day Friday...we will be there in thought for sure

  3. I love the pics but all the ladies at Trinity Lutheran Church are waiting patiently for pictures of Yaya with the kids.....I know that she is there as I talk to her daily.......and I know she took her camera.