06 August 2007

quick update...

I know we haven't been putting many pics up lately, Walker is getting quicker and its not as easy for me to go grab the camera anymore... I will work on it this week!

Anyway, once again (or should I say, as always) things are up in the air as to what the Army is going to be doing with my husband. Many of you know that he was supposed to be going to the hospital to work for about a year but that keeps getting postponed or halted. We have been careful not to settle on the idea until it actually happens. Last week Brad spent a day in-processing at the hospital to be told that evening that he wasn't going to the hospital.... You never know what to expect. His unit has a couple missions slated for the year to come and if he doesn't go to the hospital he will most likely be gearing up for a deployment within 6 months.

There are also a few decisions Brad has been holding off on until he gets settled somewhere...such as taking some classes, getting ready for the promotion board, plus future stuff...

Please say a prayer for us both. Pray for wisdom as we wait, wisdom to know what issues to try to push and what to just wait for...

We celebrated our 6th anniversary Saturday by watching our wedding video (our annual tradition), and the song that concluded our ceremony is still a personal favorite. God is good, All the time. Brad and I have uttered that phrase to one another more times than I can count. Its a bit of a honky-tonk hoedown song, but I love it...what a great theme song for this adventure! The words are true in every circumstance and it is a great reminder of how faithful He has been, is, and will be!

I am excited to see what is around the corner for us, and trust that God will reveal it soon...Thanks for your prayers!

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  1. It's hard to believe its been six years. Congrats. Thanks for sharing, I'm going to try uttering that phrase to myself when things don't seem "good" it's important to remember that God's in control and he is good. Love you sis.