15 August 2007

those came from where?

Wilson LOVES to get packages in the mail. Generally we have a good idea of what is inside. Today Wilson anxiously waited to see what was in the package from Great Grandma Rose. Its not that often that we get something from her and usually I know its coming, so I was pretty curious myself. Who would've guessed...tomatoes from her garden. Quite honestly it brought tears to my eyes. Grandma is pretty frugal and she spent 9 bucks to send me five fresh tomatoes. Needless to say, I feel a little pressure to use them well. I'm thinking of googling a recipe for a tomato salad. Panera Bread used to have something like that, so I am sure there must be a worthy recipe online.

Great Granny has been there for me, more times than I could ever count. And when I lived in town, I NEVER left her house empty-handed. Maybe tomatoes, maybe jam, sometimes peanut butter or even some store-bought something or other that she just didn't like but had a coupon for... And of course, you know Wilson and I lived with her and Gramps while Brad was in training. I am sure I drove her nuts sometimes (and she me), but we also grew even closer than before. It has been hard to be so far away (from everyone) at times, but I am thankful that we were so close before. No matter how far away you move, you are still close to family...and apparently you still get fresh tomatoes. Who knew the US Postal Service could ship tomatoes without making a mess?

If you have a fantastic suggestion for using my special tomatoes, let me know. You just can't buy good ones, you know? Walker and I are probably most excited, Walker adores tomatoes, if they are on the table, that is all he wants!
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  1. Wow, those look so red and yummy! There's nothing like garden fresh tomatoes.

    I found a great pico de gallo recipe on the pioneer woman's blog.

    It's not salad, but we kind of eat it like is = )

  2. I'll have to check that out...we've been eating slices with olive oil, salt & pepper. YUM!

  3. WOW! those are some awesome tomatoes, and to think that she knew how much you would appreciate them and sent them to you! What a special grandma!

  4. I'll just take the plump cheeks to squeeze!