10 August 2007

walker found my lipstick...

I try to keep Walker with me while I shower, so Wilson only has to be responsible for Muskoka. Yesterday when I got out of the shower, I realized maybe I should keep Muskoka instead. Walker has been happily exploring cupboards and drawers in our bathroom, but now he can open items within. Thankfully, the lipstick was only on the white rug and not the tile floor. (The cheap white rug from Big Lots!) Oh, the lipstick was "Extreme Pink" which I only wear when I mistakenly grab it instead of "Bamboo Pink." (We all keep the colors around that we don't like, right? Just in case they work for us someday...)
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  1. Aunt Jacquie and I think those pictures are so cute! How can you get mad at a kid like that???? Just gotta love 'em!