07 September 2007

finally done...for now...

here are some pics of the final "projects"... We hung a corkboard in the boys' room that is covered with the Cars fabric, now we just need some coloring pages for it..hint hint Aunt Jacq and Uncle Colson... This is "Cars Corner" although I think Wilson would prefer to call it Radiator Springs. This is at the foot of Wil's bed under the corkboard above. A favorite play place for sure!
I was most excited to get this project done. I can FINALLY hang up some of Wilson's artwork in the dining room. A friend gave me the four frames shortly after we moved in. I painted them to match the dining room table legs and then took forever to figure out how to actually use them to display the artwork. It suddenly hit me when Yaya was here (and my creativity was flowing freely), so I attached a ribbon about an inch below the top in each opening. The artwork is then hung on tiny clothespins. Super easy to change out, which is good because we get a lot of artwork round these parts!
Next up, the $1 shelf I bought at a garage sale. We needed a place to 'display' stuff that we don't want Walker, or anyone for that matter, to destroy. Wilson added his 2nd place ribbon from the watermelon-seed-spitting contest. (He's very proud of it.) I hear we have a Walker train coming soon for his side of the shelf. Yippee!
And, I moved some things around so the storm shelter is also the "Reading Room." I love the idea of having a place to go 'read.' I hung up the US and World map again finally and also the boys' growth chart. (Maybe this will be where Brad records his next series of bedtime stories prior to his next deployment.) There is still plenty of floor space in case of tornado and our emergency supplies still fit on the top shelves. I guess if necessary, we may have to move the sleeping bags elsewhere when/if the library expands.
After 6 months, most of my projects for this place are done. Although, that just makes room for my new ideas. Yeah! We still don't have many pics on the walls, but I'm not great at figuring out how to hang them so they look nice...any tips? Its fun making a house a home, even if it takes 6 months or so...really you're never done, are you?


  1. not bad for 6 months. its been over three years and i still have hardly anything on my walls! if i had money to spend on stuff i might feel bad about that = )

  2. Right now we're trying to make our home a house and that makes me a little sad. I don't have any of baby jack's pictures up on the walls. I can't wait to make our new house a home when the time comes.

    I also can't wait to visit your home, sis. You've always made each place you've lived very welcoming.

  3. With the starting of school there hasn't been much time for fun stuff like coloring. Hopefully the days will be less chaotic and we can have some downtime to send off some pictures for Wilson and Walker!