19 September 2007

good news...

Walker is scheduled to see an ENT specialist next Monday! Woohoo. Quite honestly, I thought it would be late November. I may try to reschedule so Brad can go with me, we'll see if that works.

I am going to try to chronicle his day (Walker's) in photos as he ventures from place to place wreaking havoc on all in his path. I have that sweet cutie to thank for dropping the 'baby weight" so quickly...he's always going... and then silently stopping somewhere and you know...ooops gotta run

1 comment:

  1. I had to "run" because Wilson was yelling, MOM WALKER HAS A BATTERY IN HIS MOUTH!

    I never realized how frequently I say, "Get that out of your mouth", "Why is that in your mouth", "what's in your mouth now?" or some other variation...(my new fav is the Okie-homey version "git dat outta yer mouf!") I'm thinking of doing a pledge drive...$$ for each time I use one of those phrases...what do you think??