09 September 2007

Happy Grandparents' Day!

Yeah, did you even know it was Grandparents' Day today? Its got to be one of the least advertised holidays in our society. Honestly, the only reason I remembered it this year is because it fell on my dad's birthday (happy bday dad!)

But all that is beside the point. Brad and I have been greatly blessed by our grandparents in many, many ways. And now what a joy it is to be parents and watch our grandparents be "great grandparents" to our kids. Not only that, but I have to admit I think one of the great thrills of parenthood is seeing our parents as grandparents. (Although sometimes I still wonder if we have all really gotten "old" enough for those roles!)

So, if you have time today, call your grandparents and tell them how special they are! I am sure they will appreciate it...Wilson has some calls to make after his nap =) And your cards are in the mail...as always a day late...or so.


  1. It was such a pleasure to get a call from Wilson! My how he has grown, though we can't physically see him (or all of you), we can tell from his voice he has matured! also we appreciate your thoughtfulness and the updates on the blog! What a blessing technology is to all of us! Love you guys! Mom and Dad Lutz

  2. THANKS to Wilson and Walker for the very sweet Grandparents Day Card! (and mom too for all the hard work she put into it!) Grandma and Grandpa Lutz

  3. Okay, so I wasn't the first one to get on here and say thank you, but both Papau and Yaya appreciate our good fortune to have WONDERFUL grandchildren and some incredible children to go with them! We thank God for each chance we have to be with and hold and read and love you all!
    Yaya and Papau

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  5. I'm terrible at following my quick glances at your blog with taking time to share my thoughts ... but I do follow and appreciate your updates and thoughts. I think of you often and am so thankful for you and your family not to mention your commitment to God and our country no (Left out "no" in first post)cliche intended! I so enjoy your moments and journey to clarity and conviction. I so envy our courses in life that move us apart in this journey , but I 'm equally pleased for your passionate walk with Christ. I pray for you as parents, partners, children and grandchildren. God has blessed us greatly and you all with Wilson and Walker are just that. Thanks for the card and the thoughtfulness. I pray that the "Grand" can be for impact not just age! I, We love you all