27 September 2007

he's home!

Here's the big man himself. Trying to take it easy for the next few days. In this pic you can see the remote control vehicle that Brad's section chief brought over last night for Wilson. Apparently Wilson was attaching some of his other cars to it, etc. Its kind of nice because it has a cord so it can't get too far, so Wilson can't go chasing after it, etc.

Its wonderful to all be home together! Thankfully it was only a couple of nights, but, they were rough. Even Muskoka had a hard time with it. Here she is napping on Brad's shoes. Probably wondering where he is and what has happened to her big man.

We are blessed immensely by our loving Father. He has met our needs even in the midst of this struggle. I could probably blog for pages about all the lessons learned in the last couple of days, but I do better chatting vs. typing. I am sure you are all greatly disappointed. You can always call if you want the details! By the way, I read up on mono and can pretty much answer any questions you have... and then some. (I had to know what questions to ask the Doctor before they released Wilson... false positives, future implications and the like.)

Thanks again for the prayers, we can't say that enough!


  1. He still looks pretty punky. . . but so glad he is home. Nothing worse than having a sick child and the feeling of being a helpless parent. Glad you are all back together again and he is finally on the mend.

  2. Its it funny though i do have very vivid memories of the days me and your husband got dressed up in our little goast and gobblins garb and went door to door with our pillow case. I wount mention Brad hiding his candy for days on end from his second youngest brother. C'mon sister let them go.

  3. this comment should have been to the posting above this one..oooppsss im so new to this bloging thing.