28 September 2007

hurry up November...

Am I turning into a fuddy-duddy? One of those freaky overly conservative prudes?

I am having a real hard time with Halloween this year. Don't get me wrong, I LOVE fall, but I like the "Harvest" part of it. And, of course, all of the candy associated with Halloween. I grew up trick-or-treating; Brad grew up trick-or-treating. I always assumed our kids would. But, wow, its getting heavy around here.

First, Wilson wanted to be a ghost. Ok, easy, put a white sheet on his head. But Wilson is one of those kids that asks questions and you can't just gloss over the surface. So we explain what a ghost is and maybe that wouldn't be 'good thing.' Then looking through my Family Fun magazine, everything is a witch, a ghost, or a mummy...or Satan. Its not like I subscribe to some weirdo Halloween-Lovers club, its Family Fun for crying out loud. How about a trip to Wal-Mart; some of that stuff is just plain creepy. It really is evil when you are honest with yourself.

I don't know if its getting worse or if its just hard to see through the eyes of my very inquisitive, take-it-to-heart, four year old. How do you explain, as a parent, as a Christ-follower, that a lot of these things are not pleasing to God BUT its a-OK to participate anyway???? Tough one...

Brad is absolutely fine with forgetting the whole trick-or-treating thing and just doing the family night at our church; I am a little hesitant to 'miss out' on all the candy. I don't think that is a good reason to throw our convictions out the window though...hmmm...integrity or candy? Then there is always the fun-walking-around-on-a-cool-night-with-half-the-town, and nobody is really being evil out there on the streets, right? I never thought we would be "those" parents...

The other day (pre-hospital) Walker bit TWO kids at Bible Study and I jokingly told my sister, "Well that will make his Halloween costume easy, I guess he can be a vampire." And my little Wilson from across the room shouts, "I don't think Jesus likes vampires, Mom!" He is right, isn't he?

Bring on Thanksgiving, its a much more wonderful holiday. I am surprised there isn't an imaginary gift-bringing turkey yet...that would be a marketers dream...


  1. It's hard not to do something that "everyone else" is doing, isn't it?? I mean, some things you can draw a clear and concise line on - others are a little more challenging. What's wrong with putting on a costume and getting candy? Nothing really. But what is the intent behind "Halloween" anyway? Is it to dress up and scare people? Is it to bribe kids with candy so they won't play a "trick" on you? I found an interesting sight that helped me in answering the question for myself that you might be interested in. It's: www.carm.net/questions/halloween.htm It's written as almost a direct answer to your question!

  2. I read the cam.net and I agree with it! I think Walker would be a cute squirrel, and Wilson is one of the best Abe Lincolns, George Washingtons, or Lightening McQueens I've ever seen, and I've seen a bunch of them! Love you guys, you all are some of my favorite trick or treaters!

  3. I've had the same struggles with Halloween myself. After much thought and prayer, we have decided not to participate in Halloween, but instead celebrate the harvest...but on some other day. One thing I struggled with was 364 days a year we teach our children to be wary of strangers. If a stranger offers you candy RUN! On Halloween, we encourage them and take them to strangers home for candy...Just doesn't seem to make sense to compromise your values for one night of free candy.
    Just a thought!

  4. Hey, thanks for the good thoughts. Julie I did check out the website and found some good info there. We haven't come to any conclusions yet. Self-examination is always a good thing, and examining our choices as parents has lasting impact. Obviously, Brad and I are going to arrive at the "right" thing for our family. Stay tuned...I am sure there is more to come on this subject!