17 September 2007

mocked while mowing...

Ok, most of you know by now that this is my "rookie season" of mowing the lawn. At times, I am a bit insecure; thinking 'maybe the neighbors are laughing because my lines are crooked or because I have mowed over the same section three times.' Then I tell myself (silently) "Don't be ridiculous, nobody cares." I refocus my thoughts, thinking about how nice I am to be mowing so my husband doesn't have an asthma attack and die, then I wonder how many people driving by think my husband is deployed, and think again, how happy I am that he is just inside the house.

Anyway, you remember the allergies are TERRIBLE at this time of year. So my sweet husband bought me a mask to wear while mowing. (He did suggest paying someone to do it, but as you recall we are on our way OUT of debt and $30 a pop would not be worth it.) So, my insecurities about mowing were a little on high-alert what with the mask on and all...

As I mowed the back yard our neighbor's daughter came out and mowed one strip --
with a real genuine US Army gas mask on.
I tried to tell myself maybe they weren't mocking me, but all the self-talk in the world wasn't going to convince me... Que sera sera


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  3. it wasn't THAT bad, I had to admit it was a little on the funny side...it just would have been more funny if we actually knew these people and they were doing it as a joke (I'll just pretend that we are great friends!)

  4. Look at it this way. At least there weren't 25 children staring and yelling, "Tubaab!" Now that would make for an annoying afternoon!