23 September 2007

a new toy for Walker?

Here is Walker exploring Muskoka's new food/water stand. We knew he was going to think it was for him!
By the way, there was water in the water bowl...the side his little booty is sitting in...he was dripping when I picked him up!
I had to do it...I put one of my t-shirts on her the other day as a joke, and then I remembered I had this one. This dog likes all of us, but she LOVES Brad! When he gets home from PT in the morning, she almost knocks us out of her way so she can get some attention from him! Of course, Brad loves her too, and wouldn't leave the shirt on her for more than 5 minutes when he got home. (you can see her new bell in the pic, the one she rings to go outside. we can hear this one throughout the house, so it works great! Poor Walker doesn't understand why he doesn't get to go out when he rings it!)
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  1. Walker is definitely a little boy of mischief and you can see it in his smile and his eyes!

    Brad has an awesome way with animals, much like his dad, love the t-shirt too! Glad you got a picture of it before Brad pulled it off the dog!

    Thanks for keeping us all updated with pictures and stories! It makes the miles seem not quite so far!

    Love you all so MUCH!

  2. Hey where did the blog go about church? I was going to comment when i finished with this one, and abracadabra its gone. . . . just like that!

  3. i thought it was too many words, not enough point...you know, once you reread it and you think, what was i talking about?? I figure if I can't follow it, who could?

  4. Isn't it crazy what little ones think are soo interesting! You gotta love 'em! We miss you guys!

  5. I love that little one, he is soooo much fun, and so little boring! Not that very many little ones are, but he will never be accused of being boring at all.

    And as for Muskoka....she's just an amazing dog!

    Love you guys!