14 September 2007

pray for wisdom

Walker is sick again. Brad and I are asking for wisdom in determining what areas we need to "push" and what areas we need to "let go."

He had an infection almost two weeks ago now. We took him in a week ago Wed and got a prescription for ear infection. The PA said we will have to watch his ears (for possibly needing tubes) and his tonsils (for removal because they are big.) We went back in Friday for a re-check and she said his ears were looking pretty good. Bad diarrhea set in over the weekend and we discontinued the prescribed antibiotic. Tuesday we went back for a re-check, the new Doc said one ear looked bad and prescribed Zithromax. (I also discussed EVERY time Walker has been sick since birth, and the doc said most of it sounded 'normal,' except for the tonsils. Frankly, I was relieved.) Yesterday when I picked him up from childcare at my Bible study, I knew he was sick. When we got home, he had a fever of 103.4. He had rapid, shallow-breathing--he took 57 breaths in a minute. The Pediatric Clinic had no appointments available so they sent me off post. This doc said both ears were infected as well as his tonsils. He is now on a steroid, some sort of antihistamine and another antibiotic.

The off-post doc requested a follow-up appointment in two weeks (which I don't know how to get approval for) and also requested that I get a referral for an ENT (ears, nose & throat)specialist. She also sent for his records from OU medical center regarding his admission in July. She is supposed to call me when she gets those...as we still have no idea what tests were run, what the results were, etc.

You know there is always red tape in the health insurance world. And there is always red tape when dealing with the government. Put them together and you have a razor wire fence. Thankfully, our God is bigger than all of this and all we have to do is ask...and wait. We appreciate your prayers, the fever has been low today, his breathing and appetite are normal.

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