13 September 2007

this should give you a laugh...

Wilson had a BREAKTHROUGH at his "Talk" class this week. His teacher met me in the driveway of the school to tell me that he said the /k/ sound (as in cat, cow, etc). We high-fived and talked about how I can work with Wilson to reproduce the sound again at home. It had been a long week of practice without much success at home, so I was very thrilled, as was Wilson. At lunch we told Daddy all about it too. He congratulated Wilson.

I thought I would ask Wilson about how things work at school, just to get a sense of how he pracitices his sounds. Wilson and I practice daily at home, but he gets pretty frustrated with me. So I asked him, "Do you get mad at Mrs. Gable too, like when I practice with you?"

He replies,"No, I love Mrs. Gable!"

Brad and I chuckled and Wilson was a little embarassed...

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  1. Wilson I am so proud of you! I want go find a kangaroo camping at the cottage so I can clap crazy castanets with him!