25 September 2007

Wilson in Hospital

We took Wilson to the ER on Saturday and they sent us off-post to an after hours clinic. he was diagnosed with tonsillitis, and was sent home with an antibiotic. He continued to get worse over the weekend and present the same symptoms that Walker had in July. We took him in for a follow up at 8:40am, and were there all day while they ran tests, drew blood and gave him an I.V.. The poor little guy was so dehydrated that he got stuck 10-12 times before they got a line on him. They ended up admitting him to the hospital at 4:30pm. They don't have a ped's wing, so he was sent to ICU. Amanda is there with him now. I stayed at home with Walker. We will be trading in a little while, and will keep you posted. The below picture is of Wilson getting to C.T. Scan to make sure he didn't have an abscess behind his tonsils.
UPDATE: Tuesday am. Brad is at the hospital with Wil and I am home with Walker. Wilson had a rough night; uncomfortable from the IV site and trying to pull the probes off, etc. He slept about one hour uninterrupted. He is feeling better this morning though, and was excited that the nurse brought him some eggs. They said his tonsils are still swollen, though not as badly. He still had a low-grade fever. He was given a steroid through the IV every 4 hours. They came and drew blood at 5 am.
Brad just called, they are moving Wil from ICU to another part of the hospital. They are going to cut the IV fluids in half and see how he does taking liquids orally. They said he probably won't come home until tomorrow because he was still running a fever late last night.
I am going to go lay Walker down for a morning nap and hope for one myself. Will continue to update...Thanks for the prayers!

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  1. Gosh it just breaks my heart to see such a little one undergoing tests like that! We'll be praying for you all! We love you!-Casey