05 September 2007

You can make $$$$ from home...

Sound like an infomercial?

I know, I don't really care much for the "home-based business" or most of the products, but out of goodwill for my friends, I did go to two parties last week and was impressed by both companies for different reasons. I thought I would pass along the info, just in case some of you are interested. (This is the cue for all the guys to stop reading.)

The first was Arbonne International. My friend is actually becoming a consultant so I am hosting a party for her toward the end of this month (Brad can't wait!). Those of you who know me, know that I am not that into the cosmetics and/or skincare stuff. And really I could care less about whether that stuff is "pure,safe, and beneficial." (Supposedly there is bat poo in my mascara and horse fat in my lipstick, but if I have been using it this long with no adverse effects, why switch now?) So you wonder, with this attitude why take the time to pass on the info? The products are expensive, but they seem good. When we are out of debt and Brad is an officer, I might actually consider purchasing a number of things. So those of you that do already spend some money on this stuff might look into it. The benefits for selling it are incredible. And there is no minimum monthly purchase requirement or anything. You pay $29 to become a "consultant" and then you get 35% off of everything. You can sell to others (and make 35% off their purchases) or just buy for yourself. You also make a percentage off of your retail volume sales. I think its called multi-level marketing (you know what I mean by that). Anyway, if you are interested, let me know...

Are you still with me? The second party was Homemade Gourmet and their mission is to get families back to the dinner table. The thing I liked best about this party is that you can purchase a "Pantry Staple" and get 15 recipes that use the same seasoning blend. I am in a bit of a rut with what I make for dinner. We rarely eat out, so this wouldn't be saving us money in that arena, but it might give me more options besides: tacos, fajitas, spagetti, lasagna, or stir-fry. I think I am going to have one of these parties next month. Plus, they did this demo called 4 meals in 4 minutes. Which basically you put your meat (pork, chicken, or beef) in a Zip-loc when you get home from the grocery store, throw in 2 scoops of your seasoning and a canned item (cream soup, broth, diced tomatoes) and put it in the freezer. You can either use this in the crock pot, the oven or the grill. SERIOUSLY, could it get any easier???????? Here is the website of the consultant www.homemadegourmet.com/regan7533. Also, Regan is originally from Michigan! I don't know what kind of benefit there is for selling this product, but it seems to sell itself, I think most moms/wives want to make good food for their families without spending days in the kitchen. If you have more questions, let me know...

I know this was sort of a weird post, but I thought that I would pass on some info to you all, just in case one of you (or someone you know) is looking for an extra income or a time filler....


  1. Amanda,
    Do you mind if I use some of your posts for a class "Faith Writers" that is going on at Trinity? The women who is teaching the course thought that your posts are good examples....of good writing! Let me know what you think! Mom

  2. Oh, I think that the bat poo and horse fat has actually made my face look younger...at least my husband thinks so!
    Good information on the blog, and the second sounds VERY interesting!

  3. yes, someone asked me if I was 24 yesterday, so I am keeping up with all the "bad stuff" for now...at least until we are debt-free and Brad has been promoted a handful of times!!!

    Yes, feel free to use our blog for whatever...Just don't critique the grammar and the like, I get lazy sometimes!

  4. I don't wear makeup too often anymore - I just don't have the energy to worry about it. Frankly, I'm lucky if I get a shower in every day...lol

    I checked out the homemade gourmet site, though. Maybe when Ande gets back to work I'll order some stuff - it sounds pretty good! If I gave the consultant your name, would she give you some sort of discount? I mean, I would have never heard of that stuff had I not read about it in your blog!!!