31 October 2007

a few more random thoughts...

to mull over this Halloween...

1. Is it rude to ask someone to impersonate a dead person? See, I am having a dilemma. Robert Goulet died. And Bryan (my brother-in-law, for those of you that don't know) does an excellent, Will Farrell as Robert Goulet. So excellent in fact, that I have told Brad about it a good number of times. Alas, Brad has never seen Bryan as Will Farrell as Robert Goulet and now the man has died. Can I still make Bryan do his impersonation for Brad the next time we see him???

2. I have a bag of "Amish Friendship Bread" dough fermenting on my counter . I am supposed to bake it on the 10th day. The recipe on the 10th day includes a box of instant vanilla pudding. Do the Amish use INSTANT vanilla pudding?

3. Whenever I watch "It's The Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown," I am always left with a lingering question. What is with Snoopy the Flying Ace? I mean, the shooting of enemies and what-not, what does that have to do with Halloween? How did that part end up in that movie?

4. What do you think of my new trick skill?

Ok, all for now. Enjoy your Halloween, however you see fit. Unless it includes some sort of Satanic ritual, I really discourage that type of behavior...


  1. Okay so all of us got a real kick out of this one, but one of the Pastors has been talking all day about the delima of Halloween, and he wanted me to let you know what one of his members from another church always said....She said she would like to just sprinkle all of the children with the Blood of Jesus....Could you imagine the 911 calls?/!

  2. Ok, so I have gotten the friendship bread twice now and both times the "I don't know" ghost opened the bag to check it out and never sealed it back. Thus, I have yet to bake a loaf. If you bake yours let me know how it turns out. Just doesn't seem right that something that sits for 10 days should be worth baking let alone eating.

    The best thing with Bry and Robert Goulet is that Bry truly likes the guy and would never be disrespectful with his impersonation.

  3. Brad would LOVE it if Bry would do a YouTube of his impersonation...

    I'll let you know about the bread, its really smelly when you "let the air out of the bag"