26 October 2007

finally feeling like fall...

My friend, Barbie, was clearing out some "clutter" and we received a blessing. A little fall "village." Wilson is thrilled, and I have to admit I am too. Wilson has loved these little villages for as long as I can remember. When we were at Mrytle Beach two years ago we stumbled upon the Christmas store and I didn't think we'd ever get out of there. Wilson had to check out each detail of each scene. He was mesmerized. So, he's pretty happy to have his own little village. He is very careful to make sure the lights get turned on in the morning and in the evening. By the way, did you notice I captured the Jeff Daniels, MI ad in the picture? Trying to convince businesses to move there, hmmm... Not sure how that's working out, but what a great use of taxpayers money! Right...

We met Kim, Caden and Kelsey at the park this week. The kids had to wear sweatshirts to play outside! Wow! You can see all the fall color in the background. Oh wait, there is no fall color... At least it feels like fall. Wilson is back on his firefighter kick. He loves this fire truck at the park. We are so thankful for our friendships here. And looking forward to a fun weekend, enjoying fall...

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  1. I'm glad Jeff Daniels is trying at least. Michigan is a great place if it weren't for the stinking economy.

  2. Do you guys have a Christmas VIllage?

  3. no Christmas village. They have some at Wal-Mart that Wilson checks out each time we go... I am steering away from Dept 56 or anything crazy like that...

  4. It's too bad Michael Moore can't take a cue from Jeff Daniels and try to make MI look better, instead of making it look like a place where most people skin rabbits in their backyard or are Amway fanatics. (Roger & Me - it still stinks this many years later...)

    I LOOOOVE Christmas villages - my aunt and uncle have one that seriously takes DAYS to set up and it takes up half of their living room. It's easy to get into spending small fortunes on that stuff - but maybe you know someone who has one they're willing to part with?!? It would be hard for anyone to resist Big Willie's smile - it's kinda like a secret weapon!!

  5. Be sure to let Barbie know I appreciate all she does to make my grandkids happy! She is a great friend and you guys are really blessed to have her in your lives!
    Wil does look as though he is enthralled with the village, I'll have to check the Wal Mart one out, or at least let Papau know Wil is interested!