10 October 2007

Halloween BOO!

Yes, its the same lady that was hem-hawwing about the whole thing a week ago. We discussed back and forth the pros and cons of ditching the whole holiday, etc, etc, yada yada. We came up with a conclusion regarding the benefit of teaching discernment by participating in the "good" and avoiding and/or discussing the "bad/creepy/freaky." (The jury is still out on trick-or-treating, simply because our church has a fun alternative and I don't think Dad is a big fan of carrying one or both kids door to door.)

Anyway, one "good" thing is the BOO! bags for the neighbors. Wilson and Alivia (I've been spelling her name wrong) packed some treat bags and got ready to sneak around the neighborhood yesterday afternoon. It was a lot of fun!

I must say that Wilson's sneaky skills have improved 100% over last year. It probably helped having a friend run up to the doors with him. They were so cute...

If you want to do it in your neighborhood, you can google Halloween Boo, or they sell "kits" at Wal-Mart now too. Such a fun thing!

1 comment:

  1. what did you use as your treat?
    what did you make the Boo sign out of?
    We might do it this weekend in our neighborhood.