30 October 2007

halloween "crafts"

Wilson and Alivia showing off their Halloween Balloon Heads. Wilson kept calling his Franklin instead of Frankenstein! This morning he said "is mine called Franklinstein"? Thanks to Aunt Rene & Uncle Bob for sending them...I would have totally passed them by, but they loved them. Walker and Muskoka wanted to POP them. You can see the Jack-O-Lanterns that Great Aunt Lori and Great Uncle Joe sent for the boys. Aren't they cool? They made one for Chance and I thought it was the cutest ever...what a great keepsake for each of them. And now if we get lazy in the future, we'll already have Jack-O-Lanterns ready.
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  1. Those pumpkins are soo cool! I love how their names are on them. Soo unique! You're so crafty by the way.