24 October 2007

a random assortment...

...of thoughts and photos. I am cutting back on my computer time for the next 40 days, so I feel as though I should get all the mileage from each post...however, I'll try to keep it brief. Why 40 days? Our church is in the process of reducing debt (it's catching on, we aren't the only crazy ones in the world!), and kicking off a campaign called "A Work of Heart - Freedom." So, instead of checking up on things a number of times a day, I'll only do it once and the rest of the time (when I would normally get online) I will spend some time in prayer. Mostly about our role at Cameron Baptist but, of course, about other things as well. So far so good...

The other night, my Bible Study group got together and we shared our stories. It was such an encouraging time. Each lady shared her journey and it was amazing to hear what a blessing each wife considered their husband. It was also encouraging because two of the ladies are in the midst of deployments and they both spoke about how they have drawn closer to one another as well as to God during the separation. So even as Brad begins the gear-up-phase, I am beginning to pray about all the details that go along with it... Knowing fully that any day we could receive word that the mission is cancelled...he still works for the Army, you know...but living and planning as if he will be gone for 15 months. Needless to say, we are cherishing the moments, dinner time, bed time, breakfast, playing catch with Muskoka, you name it. Soon, I'll even savor folding each article of Brad's clothing as I wash and fold it...knowing I won't be able to for awhile. (On a rabbit trail, one lady said-- if you hate doing laundry for your family, imagine if you didn't have to because they were no longer around. Wow, that'll change your perspective!) Ok, enough rambling. I'll try not to do this too often, I am just a bit reflective today...or something...

Here is a picture of Wilson setting up Radiator Springs for Alivia to play with on Monday.

Walker's new favorite hang-out. It doesn't matter if you push all the chairs in, he just pulls 'em out and climbs on up. You can tell he thinks he's hot stuff. Although, I do think he looks a bit thoughtful in the bottom pic. Contemplating life and all of its complexities, wouldn't you say?
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  1. I think the look on Walker's face is sayig what's my next move! Love Meme

  2. Wilson has the stuff all ready and Walker is deciding what kind of mischief he can create! I know he can. Enjoy everything they do now, cuz you all grow way too fast!

  3. I have a picture of Bob with the boys and Walker is just this little baby on his lap, now he's a little person.
    I want to come visit just as soon as we can sell this condo. I miss my nephews.