07 October 2007


Ok, I know, you want to see pics of the kids. I've been delinquent with the camera lately... Brad has Monday and Tuesday off, so maybe we can remedy that problem this week.

As for this past week...WOW! Lots of good stuff...let me break it down by the numbers for you

12 - the number of things we found out Wilson is allergic to (mostly grasses and molds)

5 - number of days until Walker gets tubes (this Thursday am)

1 - number of buttons found in Walker's diaper this week

53 - number of pieces of uncooked penne pasta found in Walker's mouth

260 - number of dollars saved because I did NOT get what I deserved from the LPD for speeding

462 - number of dollars made at our garage sale (WOO HOO)

2 - number of Halloween costumes purchased at Just Between Friends consignment sale

7,653 - number of dead crickets Brad swept out of the garage

1,098,246 - the minimum number of blessings this week (big & small)

3 - number of times I had to walk away from the computer during this post to get something from Walker

will describe some numbers in more detail later...that last one is about to go up if I don't finish up! Amanda


  1. Nothing much happening this week huh! Walker is definately a trip and a half, Wilson allergic to something no way! You speed....never heard such a thing!
    Love you guys, wish I were on my way down for a visit!

  2. I LOVE the list!! That put a great big smile on my face (especially the part about the button!!)

  3. Wasn't it Wilson's diaper we found a balloon in? That Walker is quite the kid, he will definitely keep you on your toes and on your knees. . . .as for blessings, we always get them sometimes we just don't take the time to observe them. Glad you made a haul on the garage sale, how awesome. Its just "stuff" but amazingly others want it!!!