14 November 2007

'new' pictures...

You said you wanted "new pictures" but you didn't say they had to be recent. So how about this blast from the past. Poor Wilson, his mommy and daddy weren't blogging when he was a wee little man... I don't remember him being so round-faced. Love memory lane...

I will take some new & recent pics of the kids soon; maybe even tonight. Its not like picture-taking is time consuming, I'm just forgetful sometimes. And, well, digging things out of Walker's mouth and chasing him down while he is holding, scissors, straight pins, or a combination of other dangerous items.
The weather has been beautiful and I know we missed some great photo ops this weekend. Today is blustery and I will be surprised if there are any leaves left on the trees once this wind stops blowing... If there are, I will try to take pics, we actually have a lot more color than I expected. Of course, we weren't here this time last year, so we may have missed it. I think the insane amount of rain this spring/summer may have something to do with the color though...


  1. WOW! How the time flys by! Still the same cute kid though!

  2. Seems like just yesterday those shots were taken of Wilson, I see even a little touch of Walker in him too! We are experiencing awesome weather here for mid-November, we are enjoying it as it will be fleeting and the snow will fly soon! Thanks for keeping us updated on pics of the kids, we love being able to share in their camera moments.