27 November 2007

sometimes I gotta wonder...

where I get these crazy ideas. See, I am going to attempt to make PJ pants for all of us for Christmas morning. (Don't you love the fabric I found...and for only 99 cents a yard!!!) Brad is going to be in San Antonio Dec 9-21 so that will give me two weeks. The weird thing is... ...Brad and I were both nearby when Walker found the last piece of pizza, the crazy bread sauce and the pizza cutter on the table last night. Do I REALLY think I am going to be able to sew four pair of PJ pants with this crazy little bandit on the loose????

Wish me well, or better yet, come babysit while I am sewing!!!


  1. After that picture, I'm on my way be there shortly!

  2. I am sure naptime will fly by when you dive into making those pants; maybe a few late nights after the kiddos are in bed would work too! At least it would be a huge block of time instead of a few short hours. Nothing like starting a big project to only have to stop half way through. You can do it, you are so creative!