01 November 2007


Ready to head out. It was incredibly windy, not too cold, but W-I-N-D-Y! I had to snap this one of Brad and Walker. He was a little put off by all the flash spots in his eyes, but I told him to give me a break because he might not be here next year...
Willy ready to roll. He actually wanted to skip Playgroup at 10 am so he could go Trick-or-treat. I told him we couldn't go until after dinner.

I usually think he is so much like me, especially when it comes to candy...but after 5 (maybe 6) houses he was content to be done and head over to the church. I am pretty sure I would've wanted to stay out longer...but maybe that didn't come until I was older...hmmm...

by far one of the most difficult things about where we live is being away from family and especially having our kids away from their grandparents. We used to always stop by our grandparents houses on Halloween, and often a couple Aunts & Uncles too.

We were thankful to be able to stop by at our old neighbors' house before we headed to our church. We had a little visit and got a bit of a grandma/grandpa-fix. Not the same, but still a blessing. They gave us two cups of pecans they had harvested from their yard. So far, Mr. Cox has collected 140 pounds of pecans this year. Isn't that incredible??
We had a great evening. The carnival at church was fun, as well. Again, Wilson surprised me. He played a few games, ate some cotton candy, and was ready to call it a night. I did slip up and eat the rest of his cotton candy on the way home, which made bed-time miserable. I swear I was planning on sharing my unopened bag with him today... That was not good enough for him last night and as Brad was tucking him in, I heard him crying, "Mommy ate all my cotton candy..." What a jerk! Sorry, kiddo, mommy has a really bad sweet tooth...


  1. I know the first thing you'll do this morning is tell him the cotton candy in YOUR bag is all his! I admit when I grabbed from your Halloween candy you always got a little put out too! (I never took THAT much though....) I really missed having the boys around last night cuz we only had teenagers come to the door, and none of them were related to me! I'm glad you got to see the old neighbors, I know they miss having you and the boys next door. Love you the boys looked adorable!

  2. They both looks so cute, Walker is an especially cute puppy!

  3. they look excited and ready! We had a bit of wind too but it died down right as we started our trek from house to house. It was so nice of you to visit your former neighbors. I am sure they were overjoyed with seeing all of you, and especially the boys and how much each of them have grown. Its always special when God puts people in our lives to bless us and fill in the gaps when family can't or aren't able to be around. Its a definite gift!